Mostly Redheads
Gareth Thomas!

Gareth Thomas!

Brunet Break

British actor Ed Weeks, who is the super hot sex addict on “The Mindy Project,” a show I actually DO watch, for a change.

British athlete Greg Rutherford.

British cyclist and Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins. The pictures I managed to find are not up to the quality I usually like to post, but there is such a dearth of good pictures of this guy out there, and I couldn’t not post about such a prominent, athletic redhead.

Olympic gymnast Daniel Purvis, part 2.

British Olympic gymnast Daniel Purvis. I love the Olympics, they provide so much excitement, international camaraderie… and eye candy :-)

Hot Cricket player Kevin O’Brien.

Gerard Butler, part 2.

Brunet Break

Super hot Scottish actor Gerard Butler. I think I’ve expounded enough in previous posts about my fetish for men from Celtic nations, so I will be mysterious about the absolute filth that goes through my mind whenever I see this man, especially when he’s using his real accent and not doing a barely passable American accent ;-)

British Episode

Actor Matt Smith, of “Doctor Who.” I started watching some episodes of the show once, but it wasn’t to my taste. The doctors are often hot, though.